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Jul 12

Texas Department of Agriculture Rural Intern Blog #2

Posted to Levelland Internship by Rosalia Orozco

A Developing Community

As my weeks continue here in the city, being able to manage office work is becoming an easier task. Erik Rejino has done a wonderful job of setting up work days with each department head of the city. As the intern working for the Assistant City Manager, I have been able to work with each department head of the community to understand how each branch is individually managed to initially operate as a whole. Near the end of the internship will I have been able to work with each department individually, a task Erik Rejino has managed to do during his time in office as the assistant city manager.

I do applaud The Texas Department of Agriculture for providing an opportunity for undergrad students to voluntarily get involved with local government officials and it has been a privilege to sit in during director meetings of Texas Government organizations such as South Plains Association of Government, American Public Works Association, Texas Municipal Clerks Association, Texas Agriculture Field Representatives, and CRMWA Board of Directors Meeting. Each meeting attended has given me an opportunity to learn about skills that will later aid for future projects. During a radio interview, I made the point that this internship is a great way to learn individual leadership skills as part of the program. As I have grown older, I have realized that what it means to grow into my adult self has lead me to positions where I have been asked to manage my own work and the work of others. Positions that require a person to know appropriate times of initiations and with confidence address concerns as a member of any business.  In return, I have been able to outgrow old habits that have truly helped me realize my capabilities during my time here and it wasn’t until recently that I have been able to recognize all that I am capable of.

As an intern for the Center of Rural Studies, working with strong local government employees (City Manager, Assistant City Manager, City Secretary, City Council, etc.) on a daily basis has given me a chance to exercise important communication skills. On a side note, being able to communicate is a skill that is very important for any major to acquire in order to help their career. Being able to address yourself accordingly and to know when is a right time to appropriately discuss a subject of matter with another employee is a great example. Working individually has always been a strong suit of mine and being able to work together as a team is a big part of local government. Since I have been here, I am asked “How will working under the government as part of the internship program help your degree as a psychology student”. It seems important to address the fact that it is a vital skill to be able to get to know someone individually. I have learned that working together with a partner(s) as a team only helps those within the group succeed. A secret any undergrad student needs to learn. The better I work with someone the better I feel about the work itself. The best part of being able to work well with others is the possibility of newer ideas being exchanged that once again can benefit the community as a whole.

Until further notice,

Rosalia G. Orozco
Huntsville, Texas