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City Council Meeting 11/13/17
City Council Meeting 11/13/17



MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2017 7:00 PM



v  Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer.

v  Statements by Citizens

  1. Consider and take necessary action to approve the minutes of the October 16, 2017 meeting. 
  2. Consider and take necessary action regarding appointments to the Levelland Economic Development Corporation. 
  3. Consider and take necessary action regarding appointments to the Tax Increment Financing Reinvestment Zone No. 1.
  4. Consider and take necessary action regarding appointments to the Tax Increment Financing Reinvestment Zone No. 2.
  5. Consider and take necessary action regarding appointments to the City Park Planning Task Force. 
  6. Consider and take necessary action regarding Hotel Occupancy Tax funds request for the South Plains Showdown and the Gathering Jackpot Show. 
  7. Discuss procedures for addressing substandard structures. 
  8. Hold a public hearing regarding substandard  structure located at 1707 Austin Street, Levelland, Hockley County, Texas 79336; Lot Number Twenty-Three (23), Block Number Two (2) of the Williams Addition to the City of Levelland, Hockley County, Texas.
  9. Consider and take necessary action and issue any necessary order to abate, repair, secure or demolish regarding substandard structure located at 1707 Austin Street, Levelland, Hockley County, Texas 79336; Lot Number Twenty-Three (23), Block Number Two (2) of the Williams Addition to the City of Levelland, Hockley County, Texas.
  10. Consider and take necessary action on a request from the Levelland Babe Ruth Fast Pitch Softball for a variance in the hours of operation for the Levelland-Oxy Sports Complex. 
  11. Consider and take necessary action to cast votes for the Hockley County Appraisal District Board of Directors Election. 
  12. Consider and take necessary action to authorize bidding sidewalk and ADA improvements related to the Texas Department of Agriculture Texas Capital Fund Main Street Grant Contract No. 7216332.
  13. Update on the City of Levelland strategic plan.




I, the undersigned authority, do hereby certify that the above Notice of Meeting of the governing body of the City of Levelland Texas is a true and correct copy of said notice that has been posted on the bulletin board of the City Hall of the City of Levelland, Texas, a place convenient and readily accessible to the general public at all times, and said notice was posted on November 10, 2017, by 5:00 PM and remained so posted continuously for at least 72 hours preceding the scheduled time of such meeting.


                                                                                                                Beth A Walls, TRMC, IPMA-SCP, City Secretary

The City Council Chamber is wheelchair accessible.  Requests for any special accommodations must be made 48 hours prior to the meeting.  Please contact Beth Walls at 894-0113.

Council Members

Mayor ………..……..………............. Barbra Pinner

District A……...........................................Jim Myatt

District B/ Mayor Pro-Tem ……......Max Ledesma

District C………….…….….....… Billy Youngblood

District D Elect ………………… Joe Bill Vardeman


City Manager……….……..………  Rick Osburn

City Secretary……….…………… Beth A. Walls

City Attorney…..….…..….………Matt Wade- Underwood Law Firm



THE AGENDA is a guideline for conducting City Business and is prepared in advance of each Council meeting.  Citizens’ request to place an item on the agenda must be presented in writing to the City Manager by 5:00 p.m. on the Monday prior to each council meeting.  Requests will be reviewed by the City Manager and 1) the Mayor or the Mayor Pro-Tem or 2) the Councilmember in whose district the subject of the request is applicable.  Requests will be investigated by the City Manager and Department Head(s) so that the Council will have all available information pertaining to the subject of the requests.

City of Levelland

City Council Meetings

Rules and Guidelines for Citizen Participation

PurposeMeetings of the City Council are open to the public.  The only exceptions to this are those specific matters for which state law permits deliberation, but not Council action, in closed meetings.  Although state law mandates that the public has the right to attend, observe, and record public meetings, it does not confer a right to speak or participate.  Nevertheless, in order to provide openness and transparency, and to encourage community participation in local government, the City Council adopts these guidelines and policies.

Standard of ConductAll persons in attendance at the public meeting, including Council members, City staff, and other observers and participants, shall conduct themselves in a civil, respectfully, professional and controlled manner and will treat all others in attendance with respect.  The use of vulgar, profane, inflammatory, or defamatory language is not permitted.  Speakers shall not make personal, impertinent, profane or slanderous remarks.  Individuals will refrain from private conversations while the City Council is in session.

Use of MicrophonesAll persons speaking during the meeting, including Council Members and others recognized by the Council to speak, shall assure their comments are included on the recording by using the microphone provided.  Speakers from the audience shall approach the podium and speak clearly into the microphone in a controlled manner at a normal speech volume and rate, giving their name and address before making any other remarks.  If a speaker is unable to approach the podium, the microphone will be brought to the speaker before comments may be made.

Participation by Meeting ObserversExcept for Council members and City Staff, any person wishing to speak shall register in advance and follow these procedures:

RegistrationOther than Council members and City staff, any person wishing to address Council should register in advance on the Comment Form provided for that purpose.  The form must be completed in full, signed, and turned in to the City Secretary prior to the start of the meeting.  Information that must be included on the form includes:

            •           Commenter’s name

            •           Commenter’s address

            •           Agenda Item on which the commenter wishes to speak

            •          If commenting on a non-agenda subject under Statements by Citizens, the                       topic to be commented on must be included on the form

           •  The form must be completed and clearly written, any illegible forms will be disregarded

            •           A separate comment form must be completed for each agenda item and          topic to be addressed.  Citizens will not be allowed to make comments on topics for which they have not completed a registration form.

            •           Once the meeting has been called to order, additional Comment Forms may not be submitted.

•           Comment Forms will be copied once the meeting starts and passed out to the members of the City Council.



Length of CommentsConcerning both agenda items and statements by Citizens; speakers are requested to not substantially exceed three minutes.  The presiding officer and Council may allow additional time in appropriate circumstances.


Time to Make CommentsThe presiding officer shall use the registration forms for each agenda item to call upon each commenter at the appropriate time.  Remarks should not be made until such time the presiding officer calls for the commenter to approach the podium.


Statements by CitizensStatements by citizens on non-agenda items will normally be conducted at the beginning of each meeting, at which time those persons having requested an opportunity to speak will be called on.  State law does not permit the Council to deliberate on non-agenda items.


Public HearingsThe Council will allow any interested speaker to participate in an official public hearing provided the speaker complies with these Rules and Guidelines.  Only the subject of the public hearing may be addressed during the public hearing.


EnforcementThese guidelines shall be enforced by the presiding officer or a majority of the City Council present at the meeting.  The Chief of Police shall assure that a certified peace officer from the Levelland Police Department is in attendance at each meeting to assist the City Council in enforcement if asked to do so.


Waiving of ProceduresA majority of the Council shall have the authority to waive and modify these procedures on an individual case basis.


Citizen Requests to Include Agenda ItemsCitizens should always have the opportunity to request that matters of interest or concern to them be placed on the City Council’s agenda for consideration and action.  To do so, they may contact any member of the Council, the Mayor, or the City Manager with their request.  Whoever the request is made to will then contact the City Manager, who will inform each member, and if any two or more indicate that they want it placed on an agenda it will be.


City Council Action, Personnel IssuesThe consideration of, and any action regarding, personnel issues – as opposed to matters concerning the operation of the various departments – are generally covered by the City Charter.  Any citizen is entitled to bring any concern relating to city personnel to the Mayor or any Council member, who will then be obligated to see that the matter is brought to the attention of each of the other members.  It will be the five Council members who will determine whether formal council action is appropriate.



City of Levelland
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City of Levelland
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